Monday, 4 February 2013


My friend
I know
You are a mighty warrior.
But don’t ask me any more
to be the charioteer       
in this war of the Kurus.

Once, in the battlefield of Kurukshetra
I did incite you
Fight O Arjuna fight
and win yourself the fame
and the wealth of this kingdom.
But O Dhananjay
I won’t appeal you today
Carry out your duty as a kshetriya.

That day you implored me
O Govinda
I shall not fight,I shall not.
Pointing to your cowardice
I called you a foolish thinker
Upon my advice
The Kauravas met their doom.
O Pandava
There are thousands of Kauravas today
Which one is the Pandavas whice one is the Kauravas
I’m confused
Your Madhav is confused.
So I’m incarnated
as the eleventh avtaar
for the sake of the Abhimanyus
who step into the Chakravyuha
in this war of attacks and counter-attacks
that knows no victory nor defeat.

Curses of many Gandharis
Tears of many Uttaras
O Arjuna
I am the one responsible for all these.

It was but a demonstration I thought
Of  Dharmayudha.
Hence  the Kauravas were asked
to play the role of Adharma.

But Partha
amidst the battle-fires
that engulf the entire globe
Truth is being burnt down today.
I was forgetful of the facts
that human mind is so foolish
and human nature is so imitative.

O Dhananjay
Abandon your weapons today
I’ll ask the Kauravas for the same.
No more shall I cause
this martyaloke flowing with reddened water
no more shall I cause
wailing cries be heard
in this present birth
I shall create a land of peace
which is filled with love
a land that reverberates with joy
A new world of course.
                             Translate by: P. Biprachand   

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