Monday, 4 February 2013


                             O Mother
Sahitya Akademi,
The gardener thou art!

Upon the blooming flowers
Upon the myriad literary blooms
Smiling afresh
In the fertile multilingual firmament
Thou art showering and nursing
With thy lovely fingers, so sweet!

Mighty ranges of the Himalaya
The Ganges
The Brahmaputra
The Deccan plateau, far and wide
Are all covered in thy pilgrimage.

Plucking flowers of a wide range
Collecting the mellowness of all fragrances
Thy flower-vase is in full blossom.

O Sahitya Akademi,
Lo, here shine thy lovely blooms
Lo, here bloom thy manifold bunches
Thy ever-sprouting “Bharat Sahitya!”

For Nation’s Integration
For “Bharat Ekta”
A holy burden
Is always in thy breast!

O Sahitya Akademi,
For thy bosom so bountiful
Let me pay off
A little drop of debt
In the sweet call to you, O Mother!

O Mother
Sahitya Akademi,
What I can bring for you
Is but a faint fragrance
A fragrance of Manipur, far off
A flower of lofty height
The Jewel of India,
The Sentinel of the Eastern Frontier
Where the gentle slope of Mighty Himalaya
Doth nestle in peace and bliss.

O Sahitya Akademi,
At thy sweet call
A holy pilgrimage
Do I make to the Western bounds
The homely home
Of the ancient Gujjars.

Varied be the difference
Both in colour and kind,
Varied be the habitation, far and near,
Thou art nurturing all alike
With thy sweet shower of love!

O Mother,
O Sahitya Akademi,
Glory be to thee
To thee the glory be!
                             Tr: L.Birendrakumar Sharma

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